53,000 new covid cases in the US yesterday.


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It's like the whole of East Cleveland coming down with it in one day.

And then you get people who think like this.

With the barmpot the chose as their leader I don't think there's any hope for them



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Beggars beliel that that these nutcases think like they do, not surprised the Godsquad would go along with this too.


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The "leader" just ignores it and the Governors in the South are in denial as well.


As I have explained before the USA is a massive place. I live in Tennessee which has 95 counties. One county has zero deaths and 4 counties 1 each. Counties with larger populations knox, Davidson and Shelby have the highest positive rates and also deaths. Tennessee has a death rate of 9 per 100,000. I do not think we should shut down the less populated counties for this reason. The county I live in (sumner)and have a bar/restaurant in does not mandate a mask. Bars can have 100 % occupancy with a few restrictions but it's all good and business is back. That doesn't mean to say things won't change because as you said the numbers are increasing.

Johnny Vincents Motorbike

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insurance to cover biological harm will make overseas travel that little bit more heftier on the upfront costs.

you wont be getting me inside an airtight tin tube with 250 others anytime soon.


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Canada, I have family there in Toronto and BC. I'm going to visit the sons new house in Nitiròi when things get better. Will miss Floro like, maybe 3 years time.