50 years since the Officially Sanctioned Daily Rum Ration was ended in the Royal Navy....


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Yes really impressive that lemme, thanks for sharing.

But historically in the napoleonic era wasn’t the rum ration something ridiculously large.

Just googled it and found this

“ as it would often spoil easily, it could be substituted by a pint of wine or half a pint of spirits depending on what was locally available.”

Lol the comms museum.. It's run by a guy I know well, Ken Sutton, and was formerly run by one my old instructors, the late Chris Rickard.

Anyway, rum.... that's why the Royal Navy was so successful in those times... The men were full of Dutch courage.
New Zealand were the last to give up the tot in 1980.

The lower deck drank grog, officers drank gin, hence when they are alongside, and the wardroom offer a 'call round' to other ship's officers, we still sometimes hoist the Gin Pennant (if the ship has one).


We're still allowed 3 cans of beer a day (330ml) but the culture of drink at sea is going away now. It's not as prevalent as it was.
The man that drinks at sea is a danger to himself and his shipmates... Or so they say.... 😁😁😁