4 years today since Ali Brownlee passed

Yes, he’s sadly missed.
The greatest fan middlesbrough ever had both the town and the team.
I loved his passion for the local area and his love for teesside. It’s an over used cliche now but He really was one of us.
He shaped my view of the Boro when I was growing up and not old enough to go to the games. So many memories where it's difficult to distinguish whether I was actually at the match or just listening to Ali's commentary.

I can't think of many commentators whose words are etched into so many peoples' memories almost as vividly as the goals themselves. A fantastic advocate of our club and our area, and a brilliantly lovely man above all.

The outpouring of emotion after his death and the show of support at his funeral tells you everything you need to know about the man. A man known by all of those in Teesside, despite so many having never had the pleasure of actually meeting him.

Still sorely missed by Teessiders everywhere, but his rose-tinted view of the club lives on within those who grew up listening to him. RIP Ali.
I remember the first time me and my mates went to junior reds. We were star struck by Ali and Gordon Cox. I remember winning a quiz that first night where I cheated by copying off other people and one of the questions I put AC/DC Milan and still won tickets for the next match. I met Ali at the stadium with my dad and he was brilliant.
Sad for his family and loved ones
To listen to him I use to think we were playing like Barcelona lol
Rose tinted glasses when it came to boro
It’s sad for anyone who enjoyed his commentaries. As an expat I miss him a lot, when I first moved abroad there was something very homely about tuning into his commentaries. The new bloke doesn’t cut it, I hate his sense of humor and he gets too excited over opposition goals.