4 games Left: Will the Skunks survive?


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After todays defeat 2-0 to Arsenal, they may still escape the drop with the gap between them and Fulham is 9 points.
However, West Brom have a game in hand against Wolves at home.
If they win that, then the points difference will be 8 points.
It looks unlikely, but.....

[and still no news about the "imminent" take over...?]

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After today`s result:

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Unfortunately safe😕

Thar said what a shocking performance today. Playing an arsenal side out of form and 8 changes.

The very definition of a no show.


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Don’t want Newcastle down as it’s pretty much guaranteed they’d bounce straight back thus potentially damaging our own hopes. Fulham and WBA are less certain
They'll stay up unfortunately.

However they'll need to pull their socks up for next season because one of those relegation spots will become available as you can bet your life Watford would have 38 Managers in a season if it meant staying up.


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I honestly have a lot of admiration for Steve Bruce.
The pressure in that job must be immense: constant noise from the fans about getting rid of the owner.
A fractious group of somebody else`s players who are collectively not very good.
He looked physically knackered on tele at the weekend and hes carrying a bit of timber.
I`m not being fascitious in any way - but too much stress added to his physical condition can catch up with anyone.
I hope hes ok and takes time away to enjoy life.
I could be wrong.
As for the club - they can go and wallow in their own dreams - because it aint getting any better for them anytime soon.:) (n)


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Sadly I think Fulham are too far behind now to catch them. Makes for an interesting final game of the season though. With Ashley, they'll be given just enough of a transfer fund to finish 4th bottom next season.


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For Newcastle to be relegated they will have to loose to sheffield united and Fulham would have to win their remaining games, one of which is to Man Utd. The sheffield utd game is the only game newcastle can win, in my opinion before they play Fulham on the last day. They have Leicester and Man City next, they will loose both.

If Fulham win their next two, Burnley and Southampton there will only be 5 points between them with 2 games left.

Nah, can't see Newcastle going down. It's a longshot


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if Newcastle lose their next 2 and Fulham win their next 2, there is 3 points between them
You are right Ska, I was looking at the goals for column - doh! I take everything I said above back. It's not nearly as clear cut as Newcastle will stay up. I think it goes down to the last game