4 big matches tonight


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Gutted Leeds don't have Brentford still to play, but they do play Stoke, Barnsley and Charlton.

Charlton is the last game of the season though, and they could well be safe by then.


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If we'd lost Saturday then when Luton went ahead we'd have been joint bottom
Getting really tight - as it us we're still only 4 points above bottom
When do Huddersfield play? We could do with them losing too
Huddersfield are away to Brum tomorrow.

That is a great result for Luton, picked up some really important points.


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Take your choice. Stoke and Barnsley have some dodgy fixtures. Luton’s run in doesn’t look too bad?

Boro: Hull (A), QPR (H), Millwall (A), Bristol (H), Reading (A), Cardiff (H), S. Wed (A).
Stoke: Barnsley (H), Leeds (A), Brum (H), Bristol (A), Brentford (H), Forest (A).
Hull: Boro (H), WBA (A), Bristol (A), Millwall (H), Wigan (A), Luton (H), Cardiff (A).
Hudds: Brum (A), Preston (H), Reading (A), Luton (H), S. Wed (A), WBA (H), Millwall (A).
Barnsley: Stoke (A), Luton (A), Wigan (H), Leeds (A), Forest (H), Brentford (A).
Luton: Reading ( H), Barnsley (H), Hudds (A), QPR (H), Hull (A), Blackburn (H).


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Thanks, I had not seen those run in fixtures. Barnsely better hope they are safe before their last 3! We only have Cardiff in the top 6 side so feeling better about our chances reading that


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Too many safe mid table sides just rolling over plus as there are no crowds their below par lacklustre effort is guilt free as there’s no fans to criticise or boo them off.