2 defeats in 12, 8th in tne table


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We are weaker than last season and we avoided relegation by the skin of our teeth.

we have lost 4-5 senior professionals, our captain and our main centre back.

it is a miracle we are in the top half of the table and still in touch with the pack.

Squad depth may be weaker, but the starting 11 isn't, no chance.

If Ayala was fit he'd be the biggest loss, but he never is. Who else are we missing? Gestede, Nmecha, Shotton, Clayton and Friend? None of them are big losses, none have moved onto better things and I'd happily swap them for Morsy, Bettinelli and Akpom. Bola is also like a new player, we didn't have this version last year (and he was out on loan so didn't have him anyway).


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I think that is harsh. I would accept that the squad is performing to the best of its collective ability, thanks to a collective effort from our manager down through the coaches and the playing staff. It is clearly lacking component parts though and not good enough for a top 6 finish. That is in no way the current managers fault. His hands are tied by the woeful decisions of others and their subsequent effects...... post May 2016 leading up to his appointment.
Agree with everything in your post Coluka.
I'd add however that the wizard is getting progressively more out of players and different units/combinations.
Dijksteel, Fry and Bola have been transformed, individually and collectively. McNair settled in his position has created an excellent looking defence with confident keeper.
He's getting more from Howson and Saville at the base and I think we have missed Morsy (a good signing)

Our problems are in the final third/penalty area, where we are so glaringly obviously short.
We have the best defence/platform in the league and the weakest forward options. Forget what the players cost and how much they are paid, the forward areas are where we are easily weakest.


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I think Warnock has a bit of a blind spot with Spence. I don’t think he is offering no where near enough to play the amount he is at the moment. I hope Wednesday is the game he is finally dropped for Roberts.