1st/ favourite boxing day Boro game

The reason I remember the 1973 Sunderland game, is that I got a new Boro scarf for Xmas and managed to lose it at the match.

Good job we won.
My first Boxing Day game was 1986 home to Carlisle

Gary Gill scoring the only goal, which I believe was his first Boro goal
I was not yet 14, but in the boys end too.

Sunderland had been the pre-season favourites to win Division 2 on the back of them winning the FA Cup. They brought a lot of fans in the 37k crowd.

E74 - that ticket is for the Holgate end.

It was an all ticket game - felt like a big cup match - late winner too. I remember seeing middle aged guys who I thought were ancient at the time bouncing around the terraces like young kids after Boam's winner. If though I was young at the time I felt like promotion was really on - some had waited 21 years.

I think it was my first Boxing Day game and my favourite.
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Derby away 1968,a top of the table clash which we lost 3-2 after 2 Big John goals had us 2-1 up then George Kinnell blatantly handled to give them a penalty which they scored then Roy McFarland scored a late winner.
My favourite has to be the 1974 Sunderland game, first time I remember singing coming from other areas of the ground rather than the Holgate especially after Boam's late winner.
went to the game but somehow in my head Alan Willey scored the winner but he was not even playing maybe a season or two later ! Another cracking boxing day game was in 1976 when we beat Villa 3 - 2 I think Andy Gray scored for them and David Mills bagged a hat trick (just looked it up) funnily enough the Alan Willey game was also 1976 but in Sept so I am miles off
My first match!
Hello @Laughing, everythings good at my end, mrs erimus is fine too, age catching up on us mind ;)
As it does to us all. I am at the stage where you have to prepare to stand up instead of just standing up. My wife and I don't like the aches and pains but find life much more serene.
Last season’s wasn’t bad at all. First Boxing Day game after Covid. Atmosphere electric. We were one of the few not cancelled. 2-0 v Forest… all looking good under Wilder then.