1966 WC Final subs


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The might have been on the bench but they had as much chance of getting on as I did, aged 13 watching in vivid black and white on the telly in Billingham. Bit the Italians in the bum against North Korea - they'd gambled on Giacomo Bulgarelli being OK despite a knee injury but he didn't last and they played most of the game with 10 men.


I was just going to post that. It took so many years to allow subs to come on. I wonder how many games were settled by injury. The Matthews cup final sees him being marked by a forward that had pulled his hamstring. Italy were down to 10 men in 1966 v N Korea.


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Correct, 1966 was the last World Cup where subs were banned. I hadn’t realised, was lying in bed this morning and thought no one ever mentions the subs........ 1970 they were allowed five.