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    Oil Tanker Hijacking?

    A nice little distraction from the main news... Hardly hijackers and probaly a situation that wouldnt normally get an SBS reaction... Are they trying to make this the current "Iranian embassy seige" moment? And when you talk about the intelligence of the "hijackers" you have to look at why...
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    The trial of the chicago 7

    Watched last night and it's a fantastic film... SBC much better in this than any borat film, imho... Mark rylance is very good too...
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    Should be just called FMTTM Politics Board

    if youre not part of the solution, youre part of the problem...
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    Angela Rayner

    happy to credit you, I can see its gonna get frothy replies from some of my "friends"... checking the rest of your work now...
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    Angela Rayner

    can i copy and paste?
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    Angela Rayner

    they dont need to back up vague statistics, otherwise they wouldnt achieve the aim of demonising those that need help...
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    Angela Rayner

    and for every person that knows that , there will be 10 morons who dont care about that statistic and state the opposite...
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    Angela Rayner

    i missed that or are you saying your hearsay is the evidence that means its ok to vote to starve deprived children...:rolleyes:
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    Angela Rayner

    If we are now at the stage where we are twisting about the "FACT" (looesly called as such) that feckless parents are able to exchange vouchers for alcohol then we as a society have lost the plot... For F%$KS sake, its a Government system that delivers these vouchers and if (IF) that is the...
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    Angela Rayner

    It’s the type of policy that incites hate...
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    Clayton sent off

    nige clough said it was undeserved...
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    Masks Again

    my whole take on me wearing a mask against what others think is that i dont really care... i look after mine and my families health, i wear one when i think i have to and i could givea toss if anyone else does or dooesnt... i dont break a sweat thinking about it...
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    Did anyone hear a sonic boom today?

    theres a big military exercise going on with a few nato countries army navy and Air forces.. edit: that ended 15th 0ct
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    Well There We Have It, The Easy 'Oven Ready Deal' that Never Was...

    Australia deal is the same as the Somali deal with the EU :-(
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    Bolasie Tweet

    where was Lamby....