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    Scottish greens in favour of Scottish independence

    It's alright the greens being in favour, but what about the fairways (I'll get me coat)
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    Fmttm player sponsorship - copy and paste

    Wing shirt looks great, I've seen you want to auction this Rob and think it will raise a good amount but I think the final cost might put a few of us out the equation. I know we said originally we would raffle the team signed shirt amongst those that contributed to the sponsorship and I still...
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    Sandwich combinations

    I love a cold sandwich and hot chip combo at a pub. If I'm at home, leftover beef with warm onion gravy, red cabbage and horseradish.
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    U.S. Calls for Pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

    Wasn't the first delivery to the EU of this vaccine due this week, this is probably the last thing they want to hear after AZ.
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    Riverside Racing Syndicate - Fancy joining us?

    Cheers for the update, looked like there was some money down for her as she went off 7/2. Good luck for the rest of the season
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    QPR game to be rescheduled

    So let me get this straight our 3.00pm game on Saturday has been moved to 12.30pm on Saturday??? Can somebody lend me molehill please cos I would like to make a mountain.
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    Riverside Racing Syndicate - Fancy joining us?

    Good luck to all involved, hope she both runs well and comes back safe and sound
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    Line of Duty (Possible spoilers inside, BEWARE!)

    My Mrs thinks it will show a link between Jo and Ryan.
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    Please tell me this is a joke

    Agree 100%, everybody deals with grief in different ways and offering help should be encouraged not ridiculed.
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    Please tell me this is a joke

    Not always the case though is it, when my wifes grandad died he was 83, his wife that he left behind never recovered from not having her soul mate of nearly 65 years around anymore and died 6 months later, despite being the picture of health before his death. I think his death was a tradegy to her.
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    Please tell me this is a joke

    If it helps one person who may be affected by it for whatever reason then its worthwhile i would say. I fail to see what the issue is with an employer offering a mental health service to its employees.
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    Sounds like a clear out on the cards at Boro

    Ian??? I mean granted he's probably an improvement on what we have now, but he's hardly one for the future
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    Grand National

    Cheers laughing, I've used similar trends in the past and they do work, the trouble is even eliminating half the field still leaves 20 of the buggers to pick from😁
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    Official Cheltenham Thread - Day 4

    I'm on the Boro double
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    No Friday drinking thread yet?

    Cheers I'll keep an eye out for it and next time you're over swing by Nottingham and I'll pour you a pint 😁