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    Couldn't make anything stick in the 1st half, I thought he was really poor for those 45 minutes, but he banged 2 in later on so fair enough. Thing is when teams press hard on us, our technique/touch fails the test in my opinion. I reckon QF will be about as far as we get.
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    Looks like the ‘one love’ armbands are getting the boot.

    One whiff of a yellow card and we cave in, as did other UEFA countries/associations. And then we have the entIre Iranian team refusing to sing their National Anthem, which could have very real repurcussions. i know who's got my absolute respect...
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    Infantino: North Korea could host World Cup

    Really simple for me, future World Cup's should only be held in a country that already have appropriate stadia and infrastructure. There are around 6-8 nations who could comfortably host the tournament with minimal expenditure. Recent tournaments in (mostly) poverty stricken South Africa...
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    Yep he certainly did....and questioned the quality of our Academy players, and there was Hayden Hackney all along. Not giving Forss a sniff, CW sure knows how to cut his nose off to spite his face. Think he wanted out this season and maybe looking for a pay-off.
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    This day 1982 - Alan Simenson v Kevin Beattie

    Stephen Bell was absolute quality at that game at The Valley.
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    Covid booster, 4th jab, yes or no?

    And the sooner husbands accept ir, the easier life gets!
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    Covid booster, 4th jab, yes or no?

    Exactly me and Mrs Mozza the letter.
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    Get in. Just got my UTFB top delivered.

    Mine came yesterday...nice design but I wasn't aware cotton could be made so thin!
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    Hackney Contract Expires June 2023

    Early days but the performances from Hackney are encouraging. He's in the last year of his contract and I would hope discussions are taking place.
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    I really rated Wilder and was excited when he came to us. He said that his next role after Sheff Utd was pivotal, given his age, experience, project etc. Terrific and memorable first few months then April/Burnley and we fell off a cliff. The relationship was fundamentally gone and we should have...
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    You can already see how carrick wants his side to play.

    In that case, Dael Fry should listen more closely. His punts upfield are pointless and he's nowhere near as good as he thinks he is with his passing. Even a simple 10 yard sideways pass is played behind his team mate instead of just in front.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull Match-Day Thread *

    Think out of contract June 2023?
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull Match-Day Thread *

    So Smith is now a better option/player than Dijksteel? On what planet??
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    Boro x Vertu Motors | My Boro Journey - Yusuf

    I had a good chat with him at Peterborough Station last season, smashing lad.
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    Are you expecting any changes tomorrow

    Simply can't play Smith and,Giles in a back 4. Dijksteel has to come into that team.