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    Cameron v Taylor II Tonight

    Know zilch about women's boxing, but there is a very clear size advantage for Cameron...Taylor looks more wily and savvy but looks to be gassing a bit - not surprising given the pace of the fight
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    If there was a General Election tomorrow...

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    Queens of the Stone Age

    10 seats available on Globe/ATG website. All 10 seated together, hmmmm - looks like dodgy ticket sites that mop up all the tickets can't shift some.
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    Queens of the Stone Age

    Go on Globe website now...ATG just released handful of tickets, must be late returns?
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    Admit it! Who`s bought a "Boro Santa Hat" or going to buy a Christmas jumper?

    you suggesting the club shop is not geared up!!...:ROFLMAO:
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    35 Years of Fly Me To The Moon

    Dawn Thewlis - the Welsh Goddess of Love. Ah the memories... Used to buy every issue in the 80's and read it on Sunday's laughing my head off.
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    TEAM is in

    Dijksteel over the Dutch kid at RB for me. Hope to see a bit more from Greenwood today.
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    If he really said this he wants jailing

    Well.......................does it?
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    Morgan Rogers

    Rogers showing recently that he definitely has the potential to be a real good player - looks a good signing. Dijksteel I thought had a very good game, always a head scratcher how he's not picked more often - yes I'm a fan of his!
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    Blunders by Boro managers' and Chairmen you still haven't gotten over

    A great team just lacking that cutting edge. We had to have 4 or 5 great chances to score 1 goal, a top drawer CF and who knows what we would have achieved. The deal was all done for David Cross but Big Jack pulled it last minute... we ended up with Alf Wood from Hull instead.
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    Predictions tonight folks ?

    I fancied at least a point an hour ago...might be a tough night now. UTB
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    Counterfest last night in Stockton.

    No problems that I came across, was all pretty smooth.
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    He's playing his part in a resurgent Boro team, but I'm sure Carrick will be pondering the No9 position. Josh is certainly handling the physical side of the game, especially as he's only 20 and playing in a battering ram position. He has missed some chances and not been quite as effective...
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    Bill Gates RIP

    My brother-in-law gave me his end of season review book/programme, where the club thanked the "20,000 Boro fans that made the trip to Old Trafford for the replay".