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    Anyone remotely interested in the Saudi League?

    No interest whatsoever. Couldn't name one team and I'm fine with that
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    Gigs on Teesside

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    Dunston v Gateshead half time entertainment

    Quite novel effort tonight ... two cars (one a hearse) with masked drivers start doing donuts on the pitch and throwing out leaflets before divers of the hearse bail out leaving hearse on center spot and escaping in second car.
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    British Road Race Championship Saltburn on...

    Enjoyed that
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    LIV GOLF and the PGA to merge.

    As I understand it, the arrangement for the future will be that for each tournament, the PGA will be responsible for holes 1-8 and 12-18 and the Saudis are responsible for 9-11
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    Hamburg vs Stuttgart playoff on sky now

    Maybe they could get that digital clock going again in the corner of the ground this time displaying to the second how long they have been out of the top flight
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    Bundesliga - Is Today The Day…

    u.n.v.e.u brilliant
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    Chelsea Fan v West Ham fan
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    Rishi's carbon footprint....

    I wonder when the last time he sat on a train for an hour or that wasn't some kind of event or staged managed photo op. Maybe, just maybe, if he got a regular service train he might start to get an idea of how the day to day life is for many of the population and rail workers. I don't think he...
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    Which club do you love/like/follow other than the boro?

    Back in the days when Mark Page was doing the Tannoy at Feethams used to watch Darlo when the Boro were playing away... ... more recently Union Berlin fanboy ... when they were redeveloping the new stand some of the bigger games sold out so ended up getting a season ticket for the next three...
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    Free Agents - Isco

    I read somewhere an agreement with all parties was in place then at the last minute Isco upped his demands and Union just said well we're not going there
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    The Mackems Battle of Stamford Bridge

    My mate from school is a Sunderland fan and sharing a house in London at the time we went to this game along with an Irish girl (another housemate who had never been to a game before). Craziest (and scariest) game I've ever been to. Sadly it wasn't televised live as Ken Bates wanted £20k for...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackburn Rovers Match-Day Thread *

    I'm sure we'll see it again but from what I've seen so far it he looked well off
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    Teesside Airport - more route cuts

    Usually if I fly to Berlin I'd go from Manchester/Newcastle (2 flights) depending on time of day and price, especially with direct trains to Manchester Airport from Thornaby. These days anyone relying on the railways to get you anywhere as planned are insane, can't be trusted. Last time flew...
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    Christine McVie RIP

    Was the best female singer in the band