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    The American answer to stopping school massacres.....

    North Carolina. Say no more :(
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    What odds on a Haaland hatick today

    Only the 2 goals today, so the only player to score a hat trick on his Premier League debut remains Ravanelli.
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    Larsen starts for Groningen

    There's an interview he did post-match (in perfect English) and he admits he's leaving Groningen if the right offer comes in. He didn't say where but his dream final destination is Liverpool, so a move to England would suit him. He came across as a mature and sensible 22 year old in the interview.
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    A Paul Merson type signing

    Xherdan Shaqiri maybe? Still only 30. He's wasted playing at Chicago Fire right now.
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    How you all doing

    Remember, the writing can be a totally a personal thing. You can do a brief timeline for the counselor and keep the other one to yourself if you want? From what you say on here, it seems to help?
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    Major conspiracy theorist ….lied.

    "It's 100% real because it will cost me a fortune if I don't say this". **** him. He's everything that is wrong with America.
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    Band names

    I always thought if I had a band then I'd call them "Listen With Mother" (have to be of a certain age for that one to appeal!!)
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    Remembering Stepper_T

    Just giving another bump to the top.
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    Boro Matchday Live ....

    This was exactly me ten minutes ago!! :D
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    Remembering Stepper_T

    Thank you! ❤️
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    This makes the payero move all the more baffling

    I watched Atletico Mineiro play two weeks ago. They were Brazilian champions last year (and like Boca, they top their Copa Libertadores group) and they would have struggled against any Championship team. I can't imagine Boca are any better.
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    NFL Fantasy League

    Right, I'm signed up and in!
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    NFL Fantasy League

    I'd be interested, but as I am US based (and 6 hours behind) then drafting becomes tricky.
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    Phoebe Bridgers..............................hysteria

    In a similar vein try Lucy Dacus, Samantha Crain, Phoebe Green, Laura Stevenson, Aldous Harding, Lauran Hibberd and Katy J Pearson.
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    Phoebe Bridgers..............................hysteria

    Try these, if you don't like them then don't look any further!