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    Joe Lumley

    He's a lovely chap. I hope he gets the help he needs.
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    Aggro after the game

    Sounds like a real meeting of minds.
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    Footballers that sound like wedding venues

    Marvin HAMnes.
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    Sorry to be a doom monger but i think we might get beat on Sunday

    You have correctly identified a loss as one of the possibilities.
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    Where is Newyddion ?

    Careful. He'll be rattling up a made up team sheet to digitally fling at you.
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    Steve Gibson

    That's not a statue, that's an actual photograph of an actual wild Ronaldo.
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    Look how tiny the chap in blue is!
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    Rodrigo Muniz

    Behave. Go to your room.
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    Hello chaps! It'd be smashing if we got a point or two today but either way.
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    Fulhams new stand prices 😳

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    Hoppe deal agreed..

    I Hoppe he's good.
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    Ads again

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    Ads again

    Yes. Was one until recently, now it's one hiding under another.
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    Ads again

    Helpful as ever Trampy. Everyone should aspire to be you.