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    'Footy Adventures' at our game yesterday

    To stop people from trying to eat it.
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    Mike Ashley in talks to seal Compensation deal with Boro

    I really don't want to think about his knockers. That's an image I don't need.
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    Alternative to Radio6M

    It looks like English, but it's like you're speaking a different language.
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    Covid Outbreak

    You totally agree with what?
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    FAO Rob, adverts

    Certainly more common than that.
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    Death To 2021 - Netflix

    Some amazing writing! Plus great performances across the board. I hope they keep doing one of these every year.
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    We're all racist brexiteers

    It would help if you quoted so people know what you are talking about.
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    What was the attendance today please?

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    Don't Look Up - Netflix

    Was looking forward to this one and really thought I'd enjoy it, but didn't. I understood and appreciated the message, but there just wasn't enough there for a 2 hour plus film. It would have worked better as a 50 minute Black Mirror kinda thing.
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    Is Labour's poll lead a genuine sign of reelection?.

    Many, many people care who win.
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    CLE @ GB tonight

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    James Webb Space Telescope launch today at 12.20 GMT

    Regardless of money I hope it goes well (so far so good). We no longer need the shuttle. Praise be to Elon, the odd twit.
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    Liz Truss

    I often take my trousers down before I have a poo.
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    Happy Christmas One and All

    That sounds like a shocking euphemism.