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    Man City V R Madrid

    Ref seems to have money on Real?
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    Gareth Bale

    From The Evening Standard article......... Bale's name was missing as Los Blancos announced a 24-man squad for the trip to the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday, with captain Sergio Ramos included despite being unable to play because of suspension. The topic dominated Zidane's pre-match press...
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    Gareth Bale

    I thought the case was he was in the travelling party and Zidane confirmed he wouldn't play or be on the bench, so because of the local lock-down in the area he asked not to travel with the squad as he wasn't needed and the club agreed?
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    Will there be one in today ?

    To be fair it could be announced next week? He did say 'hoping' to have one in by the end of the week.
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    Premier League Loans

    He mentioned four the other day? I assumed two of them would be Gibson & Roberts?
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    Warnock on Boro’s recruitment team

    I agree with this but........... There is a huge difference in 'scouting' and 'recruiting' for us it seems. I'm sure we've scouted and selected hundreds of players that would have been great for us, but if the club can't get that deal over the line then it almost becomes a waste of time...
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    Gareth Bale

    Because his manager at the time said he doesn't want him in the squad and he has no future there? Updated 6:34 AM EDT Jul 21, 2019 HOUSTON, Texas (AP) — Coach Zinedine Zidane says that Real Madrid wants to part ways with Gareth Bale, six years after it broke a world transfer record to sign the...
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    Gareth Bale

    Where for? Don't want him stifling Coulson's development.......... :p
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    Any shipping expert on here

    Air cargo is delayed, at work I'm trying to move a box of spares from Perth (WA) to Bergen and I've been told the best time they can do that in is 9 days due to Covid.
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    Snake oil salesman Cummings in the sh*t

    Interesting analogy, the Death Star was destroyed by a lone idealist who passionately believed in what he was doing was the right thing to end an oppressive regime...................
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    Grant Hall Press Conference

    He liked the responsibility of being a captain in the past? Or likes the idea of the responsibility of being our captain?
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    Early Prediction - Where will we finish?

    Season --- Played ---- Won ---- Drawn ---- Lost ---- For --- Against ---- GD --- Points 15/16 ------ 46 -------- 26 ------- 11 -------- 9 ----- 63 ------- 31 ----- +32 ----- 89 17/18 ------ 46 -------- 22 ------- 10 ------- 14 ----- 67 ------- 45 ----- +22 ---- 76 18/19 ------ 46...
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    Armand Gnanduillet

    Spot on.
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    Armand Gnanduillet

    If he's free, cheap wages and an option from the bench or offers something different (a physical presence to ruffle the opposing centre halves feathers) than I can't see it doing much harm.
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    Boro close in on Ben Gibson

    He was excellent at this level under Karanka, I'm struggling to recall him looking anything other than a standard champo centre half under Monk & Pulis before leaving? Maybe I'm judging too harshly based on the stinginess of the defence in the Karanka champo years. I also suppose, to be fair I...