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    Uche Ikpeazu offer

    It’s been obvious for weeks he would move on a free transfer. Do the deal and move on cos he’s obviously not going to be involved regardless of how short we are.
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    That new era at old Trafford

    Varane is easily their best defender. The problem is Maguire, they keep chopping and changing centre backs to play with him but it never gets any better. Now of course central midfield is disgracefully poor, but maybe, just maybe, the problem at centre half is the player that has consistently...
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    Chris Wilder I have complete confidence in him.

    My only issue with him is that he absolutely cast iron bolted to one way of playing. Once teams figure you out you need to have the flexibility to change it up. When Sheffield United got figured out in the Premier League it ended really badly cos he wouldn’t change it.
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    Striker targets

    Which makes it even more baffling that Ikpeazu has been told to stay away. Obviously he is not good enough to be a long term option but surely he is a better option for now than finishing a game with a midfielder playing centre forward.
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    Muniz on the bench for Fulham

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    Palace vs Arsenal - Premier League Opener

    In arsenals defence both their first choice full backs ain’t playing. Once Tomiyasu and Tierney are fit and Xinchenko moves into midfield they will go up a gear
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    Palace vs Arsenal - Premier League Opener

    Arsenal look really really good. Very Man City like with the quick triangles. They will probably lose now…
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    Away kit

    I am in no way blaming the shop or their staff, its more aimed at club who, as you say, are woeful communicators
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    Away kit

    The plinth isn't big enough
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    Away kit

    Just been in the club shop to enquire about the away kit. We've been trying to order a kits one for the lads birthday next month but all sizes online are showing as sold out. I asked perfectly reasonable questions such as: Do you know when more sizes will be available online? Do you know if...
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    How many new signings before the QPR game ?

    In his press conference last Friday Wilder said that he does not think he would have been brought to the club just to sit in mid table without challenging for promotion. I took this as a bit of a message that this is not what he signed up for, while acknowledging that the window was still open...
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    Another major final tonight - Love Island ♥️

    It is an entirely toxic premise which is showcases everything that is wrong with young people of today. Haven't got an actual talent or have any intellect? It's OK, you can go to the gym for 6 months, spend 6 weeks wearing barely nothing and be prepared shaft somebody/get shafted on national...
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    If signings could’ve been done in time for Saturday…

    There isn't really any rush to announce anything this week. As long as they are registered by noon Friday we are laughing. Players regularly train with their new club before the deals are announced
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    The stewards lining up in front of the west stand at full-time on Saturday...

    They will probably deal with it slow time. A handful of stewards/officers wading into 3,000 West Brom fans to drag one out isn't going to end at all well is it. The club will get West Brom to identifying him then punish him from there
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    Fry next?

    Lenihan is a massive talker, and I would happily wager will be our next captain, whereas Fry appears the complete opposite