Looking ahead to Boro v Bees this Saturday and we have to start by looking over recent transfer activity.
We talk to John Powls - poet and Boro Banter man - about his new publication North Sea To The East - a love letter to Teesside and The Boro - accompanied by beautiful artwork as well including Mackenzie Thorpe and Phil Meadows.
We hear from Germany about two Boro fans who support us from Europe.
Oh Alan Ebbs hopes to soon auction for charity an Eric McMordie no.10 shirt - he tells the tale of how he came by the Boro shirt and how it has never been washed since worn in an historic game. A game not long before Stu Mac's Swinging Sixties - Boro log - and guess where the away game was postponed?
Boro history man Tosh Warwick will talk to us - could be about Camsell and Parmos - but he has so many strings to his bow and irons in the fire that we won't know until deadline tomorrow. Talking of parmos - Roofus is looking at a nutrition plan for the players, Warnock style!
From the homework already handed in, there is Donkeywatch - laying into the Bees. Who do you predict ALB "predicts" to score a hat trick?
All this and far more - I will keep you posted.