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Dear Rob, After applying for membership on the new Board I have been shown as New Member. I am not a prolific poster but I have been posting for at least 20 years and use the same name on both Boards. It is not a big deal but I would nonetheless appreciate it if you put the record straight.
The record straight.....🤪
I'm interested in possibly having an advertisement on the the back page of the fanzine.
How much that work out as for the season?
Cheers alan, Yea that's the company, it's states closed throughout the pandemic, hoping to start up again late August, cheers & very much appreciated, take care
Hi alanmoodysdog, Im after a bit of your local knowledge regarding Boro tops over in Thailand, before the lockdown there was a company selling retro Boro shirts, the one I wanted 1977 season (John Neals 1st season) I think from Thailand, Diamond retro, do you know of them, or anywhere in Thailand that make, sell Boro retro shirts?
Many thanks
Just switched over to the new (Cool) site —I guess I’m going with the flow but also I’m hoping that Lady Luck comes to our Boro by the switch!!
Hi Jan. Good to see you back. It’s great here, a bit like the old days in fact.
That’s good to hear. Just got to get used to how this all works on my phone. You all used to be on the huge monitor of my desktop all those years ago!
Hi Rob, Think you need to get over to the other site if possible.... Borolegend is looking to start trouble and has just banned me for disagreeing with him. thanks in advance for your assistance.
Now then fella. Just wanted to make sure my apology got through to you from the other day. I jumped down your throat on a Cummins thread when you said his trip from Durham was confirmed legal. Didn’t go back on the thread after I apologised - didn’t feel good about how I reacted.
Have a great weekend.
No worries at all. Trust me I don’t really take much to heart on what people post anyways. The forum doesn’t work very well for me so hadn’t seen this. Hope you had a decent weekend