Zahawi sacked


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There needs to be a criminal investigation into his property loans.

He and his wife own a property investment company that received a £30m unsecured loan. That is madness. The whole point of property investment is that your borrowing is cheap because you secure it against the properties, giving you cheap leverage and multiplying your returns. No lender in their right mind would give an unsecured loan, but if they did then no borrower in their right mind would pay the huge premium that would normally come with it.

Unless, of course, the company is a massive money laundering scam and the loan is unsecured because any charge would publicly reveal the source of the funds.


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Gove's face this morning when Kuennsberg informed him live on air that Zahawi had been sacked ... :ROFLMAO:

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You need a functioning conscience to be able to show remorse.
The under-functioning of this empathy system is a major indicator of sociopathy and narcissism. For this group of people, the process of going from thinking to doing does not pass through this moral filter that otherwise would generate a stop, “hold your horses” signal. In the absence of this brain mechanism, a person could contemplate doing something without having any internal, gut feeling of discomfort. In fact, if this internal planning process generates expectation of a highly probable “successful” outcome in the sense of serving someone’s selfish interests, the person would probably experience a positive feeling, like the feeling one has from achieving success in any venture.


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Centralised power seems to breed this type of behaviour and its killing the UK, particularly the regions of the UK.

"Snouts in the trough"
"Jobs for the boys"
"Drain the swamp"

UK society is becoming more unequal by the day - now we hear today, that the UK is more unequal regionally that Germany was between East and West when the Berlin Wall came down - Trabant v BMW etc.

It may be Tories more than Labour, but its not just based on politics, Left v Right - the sleaze, waste, financial abuse and inequality has been around and growing for the last 45 years.