Yusuf Meets | Dael Fry


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I dare say it’ll of been the time of the invincible so I think we can forgive him that little wayward happening . Remember when Arsenal demolished us at the Riverside and they smashed in their sixth , and the Boro responded with “ boring , boring Arsenal ”.
It doesn't bother me in the slightest but I just thought it was a bit of a strange answer. Sounds like he's been taking PR lessons from Chris Kamara.


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YUSUF....... well done mate!! really enjoyed listening to Young Dael there. Lovely way of getting closer to the players. Be amazing to try and drop a few old Boro lads into these chats too.........
Thanks buddy. These interviews are early days. The club initially offered me this opportunity for the rest of the season. Hopefully they like me enough to invite me back next season where we can have a bit more content. And former players would be significantly easier as they would be more willing to really tell the full truth as their career has finished as opposed to holding back that the current players no doubt do.