Your thoughts on the fixtures?


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Think overall I'm pretty happy.

West Brom (H) is a decent start.

September looks tasty with Sunderland (H), Blackpool (A), Cardiff (H) and Rotherham (H)

Blackpool away is a Saturday! Unbelievable Jeff.

Another Boxing Day home game! Thought we were due an away one, Wigan at home is a great fixture.

Finishing with a home game too at home to Coventry.


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Seaside tangerines at the start of the illuminations (plus nice pies fc and lancashire whites away in october) so ample opportunity to see the lights.

Ewood Rovers away over chrimbo (7k sellout) no surprise there
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Four away games in August and Three home games in September out of only four games, hasn't worked well, has it.
England games truncate that month.


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Home first and last day. Doesn’t get any better. It would be awful for most of our supporters to miss us lifting the trophy on the final day if we were away.


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Loads of away games near me midweek which is great and another Sat trip to Preston. Three home games to finish is going to be massive.


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Fixtures against Birmingham, Millwall, Blackburn and Wigan in October, then again in December or early January.

I always thought teams played each other in roughly the same order.

There's only 7 games between playing at Wigan and playing against them on Boxing Day.