Worst film you've seen.


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The inbetweeners 2… about as funny as AIDs

The last mimsy… stuck on a flight from Cuba sharing this int he days before you could choose the channel to watch…. I still couldn’t tell you now what the hell was going on


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Can't remember it's name. It was top of the Netflix chart and pushed heavily in the advertising.
A woman in the control room of nuclear weapons and some bad guys trying to get in. It was horrendous.


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Rise of the foot soldier 2 to Rise of the foot soldier 58. The 1st one was a decent film and had a decent story behind it with it being based off A book. The sequels have just got to the point they are trying to spin a yarn based loosely on the Rettendon Murders and releasing more and more sequels.


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I can only assume none of you have seen Left Behind starring Nicholas Cage.

It’s in a class all of its own that film. The Flatley film sounds similar. So excruciatingly bad it is mesmerising. It was on Netflix, so try and watch it.