Will we see Wilder walk into the Bournemouth job


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Not a chance
Why would a prem team back him to keep them up after he had just been sacked by a team in the relegation places in the champo?
His record in the prem is not good at all.


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He definitely wasn't. There were plenty of people who said he is replaceable, I am one of them, and he is. The problem is we didn't replace him. Just left the money in the account to pay off Wilder and his team's contracts instead.
I though Callum O’Hare was the only player even close to replace him in the championship!


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all went downhill after Tav left ... think CW was gutted as well

I accept it's hearsay but according to those who went to the "meet the manager" event a week before Tav left, Wilder sounded confident Tav was staying and said something along the lines that Tav had given no indication he wanted to leave.

A week later the club are saying Tav pushed for the move and they had no choice but to let him go.

It suggests Wilder was either kept out of the loop a bit on transfers or, possibly even worse, Tav was sold from under him without him having any input into it.

If that's how the club want to run, then fine. And obviously we've no idea what else had gone on behind the scenes. But it surely can't lead to a great working relationship between the manager and the club having that disconnect there.