Why do you support the Boro?

Started taking notice due to them being all over the gazette in 1986 due to the issues surrounding the club at the time ( I was 12) Went to my first match in 1988 as my uncle was a steward at the time and used to get me in for free. Since then it's been a love all the way...through all the highs and the lows.

Always say if a man had treated me as **** as the Boro had over the years he'd have been sacked off years ago.

But I can't leave it alone...even through the disappointments when I've said I'll never go back I have.

They have given me some of the best times of my life (after kids, marriage etc....well sometimes not even the marriage lol)
Wasn't that bothered as a teenager but became obsessive when I first moved away to uni (71-75). Moved to Brighton for work, played rugby on Saturdays, so stopped attending regularly in my mid- 20s. It's more of a 'where I'm from' thing now. The odd game now and then, but gradually lost interest in the professional game. if the Boro ceased to exist I wouldn't watch another second.
Do you still live in Brighton?
In my lifetime ladies have been and gone
Friends have come and gone
Even children
But the boro...she will always be there like a curse...they hang over me dictating my mood.( although I have an outside life which I can defer to a lot easier now than in my 20s and 30s)
Since I was 7
Its the law
My dad injected me with the boro blood and I've done the same to mine...its almost payback for years of torture and moments of sheer unadulterated ecstacy all at once
I love thee my boro
Being from Darlo all my schoolmates were either Liverpool or Man U or Newcastle fans & I couldn't understand why so with Boro being my closest 'big' team started right from an early age.
You can change just about everything but you can't change your team.
Other half from Norton and was feeling homesick as we lived in Brum. We went to Villa away in the League Cup. Lost 3-2 (I think, it was late 80’s).
Hooked by the passion and self-effacing humour of the Boro contingent. Next weekend we came for a home game and that was it.
Red book holders a few days later, even though we lived 200 miles away.
Never regretted a second.
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Father from Kent a Charlton supporter mother from Devon followed Plymouth I was born in a property on The Avenue which was taken over by mfc as hostel for juniors where Souness lodged amongst others. Had no choice therfore to go boro although I have a soft spot for the Pilgrims. Never regretted it in 65 years of support except brum away in cup under big Jack
I was born and bred in South London and have no connection with the North of England. I supported Arsenal 52 years ago (all the rest of my family support Crystal Palace) but me and a couple of friends decided to follow a non 1st division, non southern club as a second club, and I chose the Boro. It wasn’t long before Boro became my favourite club and the rest is history. I have since converted my wife and son to also support Boro. Unfortunately due to ill health me and the wife are unable to attend live matches, although my son still does.
I remember getting into Football properly as a kid and was actually for my sins interested in Newcastle, must have been around 94 as i remember my older brother winding me up when Andy Cole was sold to Man Utd. I didn't support them, but i knew of them - looking back they where probably the trend at the time, having come up and with Kevin Keegan and spending big money for the times. It goes a bit blank from their but i was Boro obsessed in the 94/95 promotion season.

My Dad took me to my first game which was a 2-1 win over Oldham and my only game at the old place. I will have been 6 at the time. I had a scrap book where i cut stuff out of the Gazette and the Red Roar magazines. I got the Green Dickens away kit for Christmas and never took it off. Used to get excited to go to Dickens and into the little Boro shop they had inside.

My Dad always said i was a Boro fan and it was a non negotiable if i wanted to be in his Will.
Born here.

My Dad took me to Ayresome park, then my uncle occasionally took me (he was chaplain of the club at that time).
David "Spike" Armstrong was my favourite player, back then.

Now I am a commercial sponsor.

I also take my boys with me home and away (11 & 13).

Who knows where it will lead?

I've posted this before, but here it is again:

Born and bred in South London. My nearest club was Crystal Palace, with Charlton and Millwall also in contention, and as a kid I loved playing and watching football, but I reached the age of 10 without having chosen a team to support. My dad nurtured my love of the game, but he was a huge non-league fan so he didn't push me towards any of the teams in the 92. I'm sure if he'd been a Palace or Charlton supporter then I would've done the same and that would've been it.

Anyway, I was 10 years old and I randomly decided that Nick Barmby was my all-time hero, just as he made his move to Boro, so I announced that I was now going to support them. I had no idea that Boro was one of the furthest possible clubs from where I lived, let alone the misery and heartbreak they'd bring to my life. My dad laughed and told me it would never last. But it did. Even when Barmby moved on. I stuck faithfully with the Boro and it's now been 28 years of dedicated support and love. I adore the Boro with all my heart and I can only hope to be accepted (much like Yusuf and some others) as an adopted Teessider even though I have absolutely no connection to the area.

I currently live in the US, so unfortunately I haven't been to the Riverside for a long, long time. My last Boro game was the first game back after Covid - when we drew 1-1 at Fulham with a Bola equaliser.