Who's retired on here, do you enjoy it


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I'm interested in this Erimus but I'm probably 6 or 7 years away myself. Have you considered transitioning to retirement by going down to 3 or 4 days a week? I'm wondering about the cliff-edge of going from working full time to fully retired in one go.
I used to be "retired" - change of circumstances put paid to that idea. I've only got a crappy state pension to look forward to so I'm having to make sure that all/enough is in order in my life when I can't work any more, either because of age, pandemics, etc. I think there is a cliff edge and being aware of it is a good start. Recent history has shown us that the proverbial can hit the fan in many unexpected ways - it is good to be flexible enough to change with the times....


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I've 'retired' twice but they turned into 3 month gaps between jobs before an unexpected call or two got me back to work. I'm now 64 so it's getting closer.

I have mates who have retired after working in the same job for decades, funnily enough all in the public sector, so their pensions pay for a comfortable lifestyle and they do appear to be making the most of it.

That's the key, having enough to make the most of it, so those who have had to struggle their way through life on a low wage in the private sector (and there are lots) can look forward to more of the same.

A criminally unjust system.


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I could retire at anytime. Only just turned 59 but have been lucky with an RAF pension, no mortgage and returning home with money in the bank from our house sale in Norfolk. After working since I left school I find it hard to stop. Working for an agency gives me the flexibility when it gets me down. Also the extra cash goes from me and and the old trout to go SKI ing (Spending the Kids Inheritance)
I more or less retired in September, but still do a bit of Teacher Training and I write fiction, so I have plenty to do. Would definitely recommend a gradual easing off in terms of days, rather than the cliff edge. It's something to look forward to, in my opinion. I've got time to run (up to 5K!), read, and my garden has never looked so good. Work is very bad for you, I've concluded, even though I loved it at the time. My wife, however, is younger and a workaholic so I am now a Domestic Goddess as well......


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Having worked for over 30 years I am due to retire( even though there isn’t an official retirement age?). Had a conversation with the boss alluding to this, he wasn’t keen for me to pack up. Suggested part time. To me, if you can work, great. Having had £4300 commission in the last 3 months and a further£2700 or so at the end of Novemberit has really influenced my decision to continue working. Putting away the majority of this to fall back on the State pension and a small private pension would alter my standard of living to a degree Ireally don’t want to have to face- yet. So work it is, save it is, and I will continue to do what I have done for decades- work!


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Got about 10 years still to do but will be 40 years paid into a decent company pension and mortgage will be paid off, so hoping with taking a bit of a lump sum out of the pension, it will bridge a 4 year gap to the state pension


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Just read my post again. It could be misconstrued as bragging about the commission. Sorry if this was the case. I was merely wanting to point out that whilst I am fit enough I will continue working to enable me to save. In 12 months time it could be a different ball game!


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I'm interested in this Erimus but I'm probably 6 or 7 years away myself. Have you considered transitioning to retirement by going down to 3 or 4 days a week? I'm wondering about the cliff-edge of going from working full time to fully retired in one go.
was thinking something similar myself Fur, but now I am thinking I work a bit longer fulltime get more money in the pension, then just have a clean break, work can be quite stressful so even 3 or 4 days a week I would still have the stress


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Retired at 56 .... got bored so opened a record shop, sold it 4 years later and now living in Thailand, Low cost of living and having a house paid for means the pound I get each month goes a long way.... Got a house on a footie field plot so keeping busing pottering on the homestead... Worked non stop since 17, head down climbing the ladder..... boy was it tough ... now every days a sunday and look forward to every day

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I took my pension in August aged 55. If you have a final salary/defined benefits scheme, look at the CETV. Mine was an unbelievable sum and far better than the pension I would get from an annuity. Also being single with no financial dependants, I can now ensure that my grown up kids inherit my pension, under the company schemes they wouldn't.
I am trying to take advantage of stepping aside in my business and protecting myself during the pandemic. However extracting myself is proving more difficult than previously hoped for. I now appear to be working more days and am more stressed than before, however I know I am financially secure for the next few years.


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Been retired 3 years (next week). Haven't looked back tbh. I'd been with the same company for nearly 38 years and had a great final salary pension and a 6 figure tax free lump sum to look forward to so it was a no brainer really. Looking at the net difference between salary and pension you realise that you're working for very little. I did get asked if I would be interested in going back after 9 months retired but declined. I was enjoying the hassle free days and being able to sleep on a night without work thoughts keeping me awake.

Lots of holidays, short breaks and day's out, obviously scuppered this year. Now doing lots of walking in our fabulous countryside and hitting the gym. I've also got back into cooking since the initial lock down and Im really enjoying it .............. as is the Mrs.

My recommendation is to go as soon as you can afford to and fill your time doing what you want to do rather than what you have to do but you do need to adapt to a different pace of life.

I've been to too many funerals of people who either didn't make to retirement it or checked out very soon after retiring.

So don't put off............... unless you really enjoy working of course.:cool: