Which Boro Era Deserves a TV Series


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Has to be a period drama in the mould of Peaky Blinders.

Set during the period leading up to the Tripe Supper.

Then another 146 series 😁


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I would like to see the early years, the club's formation, rivalry with the Ironops, grounds used, especially the Linthorpe Road and earlier grounds. The Paradise Ground where the Nops played. Winning the Amatuer Cup, the bribery scandal. The supporters of that era. All intermingled with our towns growth. Maybe some of us may recognise some of our ancestors in the depiction.


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If the Welsh centre back you're referring to was Mel Nurse then you'd have to do 1956/1962 as he didn't make his debut until then.
Or you could be referring to wing back Bill Harris of course !
I think you have a point there Erimus. It was Mel Nurse to whom I was alluding, although Nurse did play most of the season you mention with Alan Peacock (capped for England when with Leeds I believe) in the Boro side.

Perhaps the Clough connection with Nurse I was recollecting was in the England v Wales game when they directly opposed each other. Our great goal scorer only got 1 other cap, against Sweden of course.