What is the most annoying sound in the world?


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Being stuck in a quiet room with someone chewing gum and sniffing all the time.

Other people's screaming children/babies (we are genetically predisposed to find this noise triggering so we help them....... same reason we find them cute too)

Chalk squeaking on a blackboard


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I normally can sleep through anything but two things stand out as challenging that, foxes as in the OP and some type of techno music from the early 00's which had as it main driving force a broken spring which was going 125-140 BPM, I used to live above a semi brothel/ drug den and that was their "music" of choice from 11pm to 8am.
hello ex-neighbour


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Carol Malone. I hadn't come across her on TV before, but she was on the Sky News Press Preview the other day.

Not only does she spout the most awful nonsense but she does so by screaming over the top of everybody else trying to participate, at about 200 decibels.


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The alarm noise the fridge makes when the door has been open for a while. In normal circumstances I get what it’s for, but when you are putting away a ‘big shop’ and it keeps beeping I get unreasonably furious.