Warnock - Talking About Taking Our Chances


I asked Neil Warnock if as we finished so poorly at Coventry it was really important to start well tonight at Forest.
NW: I think it is important anyhow to start well in any game. You cannot look into that ball (crystal ball) and envisage certain lads having an off day like happened on Saturday. And unfortunately it left us a bit thin.
I thought we got back into it and I thought second half we started really well, Rob and I think if we had scored one of those chances we would have won the game. So, as a manager you know it is fine lines, really.
I thought they had the first and I thought we got stronger and I thought we were going to dominate the second half. So, you need that goal to knock them down a little bit and to give yourselves a lift and we didn’t get it. And yes the goalie made a couple of good saves but he really shouldn’t have had any chance with the shots we should have scored the goals really.