Unusual Cover Versions


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One of my favourite albums Mick Ronsons debut one Slaughter on 10th Avenue.

Its full of cover versions really with the title of the album one of the best I've heard, I remember buying this in 1974 and playing it to death . I `ve never tire of listening to it. This track is a cover of the song that is synonymous with Elvis Presley Love Me Tender and Ronsons is much better imho.

If you haven heard this album, give it a go all the tracks are incredible and Ronson made Bowie famous by arranging his music not just playing guitar for him, shows on here too.



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Flamin Lips . Great song

I don't care if it rains or freezes
Long as I got my Plastic Jesus
Sittin' on the dashboard of my car
Comes in colors, pink and pleasant
Glows in the dark, it's iridescent
Take it with ya' when you travel far

Get yourself a sweet Madonna
Dressed in rhinestone, settin' on a
Pedestal of Abalone Shells
Goin' 90, I ain't scared
Cause I got the Virgin Mary
Assurin' me that I won't go to hell