Top 6 now starting to get sorted

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Norwich Bournemouth Watford Swansea all in there as expected.
BristolCity and Reading to fall away as usual, leaves 2 places up for grabs Brentford and us? if we can find some goals from somewhere.

Top 6 now starting to get sorted - no they aren’t
That’s my thoughts fella 👍


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34 games to go, plenty of ups and downs to play out yet. Think Norwich will win league though.
I think so too

Norwich & can't see past Bournemouth, Watford, Swansea in the top 6, think we're as good as any of the other chasing pack

NW knows the teams achilles heel & if he addresses that come January I would put us in the top 6 come next May 👍


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It's only November. You could be 15th in Feb and have a crack at the playoffs.

I grant you the sides with big squads seem to be doing better. Its still very much early days. We just need to stay within 6 points or so of the top 6 to be in and around


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We are in second gear at the moment. NW is trying to turn a relegation team into a promotion team. He has got the defence and defensive midfield sorted out by playing cautiously. He was hoping that we could score A GOAL to win these draws by scoring from free kicks or maybe penalties! Anyway we have played a lot of the promotion favourites and look good. Now we need to score against bottom of the table Derby and Huddersfield who conceded 4 terrible goals today.


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Thought today we got at Norwich in the first half but in the second they upped the tempo a bit and we didn't really get near them most of the half. I would say definitely Norwich, Bournemouth, Watford top six. Its a pity we didnt get a few more players in I think injuries are going to cost us. Both Fry and Djiksteel holding their hamstrings at one point today but both completed 90 minutes so hopefully not a worry.