The Unofficial "Official" Match Day Thread. Mighty Boro v Bristol City.


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It was the comedy defending that cost us. Free header in the box. Can't believe no one shouted man on to howson. Defence should have dropped 10 yards deeper after there were a couple of warnings early doors. We are terrible against bad teams.


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What is Akpom actually good at? Not particularly skilful, not a good finisher, not very pacy, not very strong or good in the air.

He must be a dream for defenders to play against.

At least Britt occasionally looks like a decent championship player.


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There was a time a result and performance would have had me pulling my hair out and angry as hell.

Now I’m older and I barely have any hair anyway and I can’t say I’m upset. Apathy has set in.

Off to make a cuppa and just glad it’s on overseas TV so I won’t have to waste another £10 on Saturday.

5 home defeats in 6 matches. Deary me.


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Before everyone says we are a mid table team and nowhere near the top teams, let's not forget Norwich didn't lay a glove on us, Brentford lost 3 games in a week, Swansea lost 4-1 to Huddersfield this weekend.
It's a poor division and fine margins.. like a terrible keeper can be the difference.
Consistency and momentum will get us in the playoffs so hopefully we can find some.


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To think we could have probably signed Jonson Clarke- Harris for a pittance from Bristol Rovers. Banging them in for fun at Peterborough. Their next big payday when they sell him.