* The Unofficial "Official" Luton v Boro Championship Match-day Thread an Programme *


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Think we are probably tired. Small squad playing 3 games a week for the last 2 weeks. Hardly any rotation.

We are ready for an international break and a few back.


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Some decent football in the first half. Mind, half time came at the right time for us. Need to regain our composure and discipline and 3 points are there for the taking.


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Crooks is sensible enough to stay on (IMO). For them I think Lansbury is the one likely to lose it, seems a mardy little fkker.

We have ridden our luck a little. But I think the lino on the far side has been a complete homer so I hope we have the other gadge second half simply that he might not be so bad (could be worse to be fair)

Oh and Tav played a vital role in the goal so cut him a little slack please

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One goal is not enough for us here — get a second and it might just put the game to bed. We need to go to the wings imo — both their fullbacks are on yellows so they’re bound to be nervy just as we are with Crooks.