* The unofficial "Official" Boro v QPR Match Day Thread *

Cue more of ‘this is not our finished side comments and posts’

Good job there’s no points to play for eh?
It is what it is and until they close the window before the opening days fixtures it'll continue to be the case.
There's nothing we can do to change it in truth except hope that we can find a way to win games for now.
Probably deserved a point on the second half showing, but there were some woeful individual performances.

Sadly Jones was more of a hindrance than help today.
Absolute shambles of a team setup from Chris wilder we got what we deserved absolutely nothing. Best manager in the league as some keep saying on here your having a laugh. You have to Win the battle first and foremost in this league and we were 3 down before we got stuck in pathetic
Akpom is playing his way into a starting birth. We just have to get the ball out wide left At the earliest opportunity. Midfield is still hopelessly miles away from controlling a game.
Honestly never thought we would have defensive problems under Wilder. We will get it right I’m pretty sure, at least we got a couple of goals and we looked at threat in the 2nd half.
Steffen - 3 - At fault for one goal. A few hairy moments with positioning.
Giles - 7 - Our only constant bright spark, never seems to not whip in a good ball
Bola - 5 - Did OK
Lenihan - 2 - Struggles against physical strikers, saw this last week too against Dike
Dijksteel - 4 - Think he was a scapegoat considering Jones offered him no support
Jones - 2 - Arguably attribute all 3 goals stemming from his mistakes, offered nothing going forward either
Howson - 5 - Did OK
McGree - 4 - Picked up second half, anonymous first half
Crookes - 6 - Got us a goal, needed to stay in CM and not move to CF but that's not his fault
Watmore - 3 - Worked hard but wasn't working first half
Forss - 4 - Got a goal but if I only gave Watmore a 3 then I can't give him more than a 4 as he was just as anoymous first half

Chuba - 6 - Much better when he arrived on the pitch, offers a bit more physicality
McNair - 5 - Helped lead the charge, again, better when he was CB than when he went into midfield
Smith - 3 - Didn't have much to do

Wilder - 2 - Wrong team, gets +3 for the 2 correct subs butt then his third sub ruined the momentum. If this wasn't forced then it was a mistake. Rather have had Finch on and kept the balance of the team.
It’s such a competitive division and if you don’t compete in one half then you will likely lose and that’s what happened.

Jones defensively was very poor today, he got caught out last week, he is tackling at times from behind when he doesn’t need to, when he is pursuing a player who is running with the ball he should be able to catch him.

First goal poor team defending ( although great strike) second goal keeper just not strong enough, third goal just caught napping.

It is very early days, but it is not a very good start, out of the two only West Brom I think will be pushing for the play offs.

Alpine has done okay in the circumstances.