The most bizarre phone call.


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I just had reception call me to let her and 10 guests in. They had been locked out for nearly an hour. I guess I have been here too long that she can just call me..
I remember receiving a call in the middle of the night from a panicked guy in ICI regarding all the IT systems going offline. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my dressing gown and was halfway down the stairs before I realised that I'd left that post two years earlier and was now working for a completely different company in Peterborough.

He was very apologetic when I called him back to tell him he needed to call someone else...he did tell me that my name was on the top of the list they had - probably not updated in years.
In the 1980s I ended up managing a factory in my mid 20s - far too young in retrospect - and got a panicked call from the security man late one Saturday night, saying he'd just had a call from a man with a Northern Irish accent saying there was a bomb somewhere in the place. I went down there and looked around, couldn't see owt so went home again.

Unfortunately the place was still standing on the Monday morning.
When I worked on a sleepy Radar site in Norfolk and being the on call body for the night. I received a call from one the engineers on the day of 9/11 asking me what he should do, I replied, best you take the deck chairs in.