The Great Songwriters - Sky Arts Channel - 22:00 hrs Friday - The Flaming Lips.


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What is this is it a series about different songwriters or a one off.

EDIT: found it must look for the Ryan Adams one from Series 1. (y)
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I know a girl who thinks of ghosts,
She'll make you breakfast, she'll make you toast.
But she don't use butter.
And she don't use cheese.
She don't use jelly, or any of these.
She uses Vaseline....


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i think this is one of the greatest songs ever written.

I would agree with that. Minor quibble, ignoring the pig but hes not changing chords on his guitar with the music on the video

sky arts has some fantastic stuff on.


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Is this new? Vaguely remember watching a programme where they were in the studio a few years ago. The talking/explanation bit wasn't as insightful as I'd hoped (for a band with a fairly tortuous history) but when the performance was excellent.

Saw them headline End of the Road festival a few years back - whilst the show is brilliant and great fun I think I'd like to see them in a more stripped back environment. The music is almost at risk of being lost behind the show sometimes if that makes sense?