Sun to endorse starmer?


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Not the orange ball in the sky, that’s way off shining for him but the old red top scum of the MSM…

I guess they’re wanting to claim they’ve won it for him… 🤔

But for me it shows just how far to the right he’s taken labour…

I’ll still vote for them to help get the tories out but they best start making a difference or they’ll be as toast as the tories at the next election…
But for me it shows just how far to the right he’s taken labour

I get why you are saying that but …..

The Sun have a record of backing the winner - they will ‘support’ whoever they honk will won.

It is well documented how far Starmer is from Murdoch (and much further away that Blair was)
Starmer is known to want to curb the ‘freedom of the press’ and has worked on that in the past.

it is, apparently, a frosty relationship
Their support is only given at a price. Starmer will only get that support if he gives something in return, when in power.
Do not kid yourself otherwise.
lol, he doesn't need the Sun, far from it, and probably doesn't even want their "support" as no doubt they will then try and use this against him. Look out for the headline "we supported you, but this is unforgivable" etc down the line, or something along those lines.

The sun just tries to pick the winner in advance, as it's good for sales, they don't actually give a toss which side they're on, they just want cash and clicks etc.

One of the main reasons Starmer has done well is he's handled the media well, and he's not daft enough to start pandering to them, when they've all be out for him from day 1, on all sides.

Keir Starmer 'happy' to continue to write for The Sun despite Liverpool boycott

  • Saturday 7 October 2023 at 8:42pm
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  • Sir Keir Starmer talking to ITV Granada Reports' Political Correspondent Andrew Misra

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer says he is happy to continue to write and work for The Sun newspaper - as he prepares for his party conference in Liverpool.

During his 2020 leadership campaign, Mr Starmer claimed he would not to speak to The Sun newspaper during a hustings in Liverpool.

He said at the time: “I certainly won’t be giving any interviews to The Sun during the course of this campaign.”

Many people in Liverpool have chosen to boycott The Sun because of a front page it printed shortly after the Hillsborough disaster.

Sir Keir Starmer is in Liverpool ahead of the Labour party conference.

When asked why he has since decided to write for the tabloid, Mr Starmer said: "I have to make sure that what we have to say is communicated to as many people as possible in the time that we've got available and that is why I am very happy to work with The Sun, to write for The Sun, to do interviews with The Sun."

Mr Starmer was challenged on whether he understood why the newspaper is boycotted by many people in Liverpool.

He said: "Of course I understand that, I was Director of Public Prosecutions when the report came in on the Hillsborough case. I met the families myself.

"When I spoke to them, some of them were only coming to terms for the first time with the full extent of what had happened and the many times they had been let down.

"But for them, for Liverpool, for the whole of the North West, the single-most important thing that I can do is to ensure we get a change of government."


11th June 2024:


Sold Out: a person who compromises their personal values, integrity, talent, etc., for money or personal advancement. Informal. a person who betrays a cause, organization, or the like; traitor. an act or instance of selling out.
I didn't ask for a definition. I asked for facts and evidence to support your claim that Starmer has 'sold out' to Murdoch.
If you don't have any just keep quiet.
In a perfect world, Starmer would tell Murdoch to do one. But he knows the going would be much tougher with Murdoch's opposition. He needs s serene progress to power.

Because ALL that matters is winning on July 4th. After that, tell Murdoch to stick it. The main battleground is shifting to online/broadcast players like Paul Marshall/Musk. They're the ones who need their wings clipped imminently by robust impartiality laws. Won't be easy.