Striker targets


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You can see why we’re trying to sign some big physical strikers with an aerial threat. Our delivery from wide areas and set pieces is perfect for a big man up top.

AC Jimbo

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Which makes it even more baffling that Ikpeazu has been told to stay away. Obviously he is not good enough to be a long term option but surely he is a better option for now than finishing a game with a midfielder playing centre forward.


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I sometimes take what the manager says with a pinch of salt, said he didn’t know what had happened with Hoppe and doesn’t seem to be as well informed as people on the board.
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To be fair the 'lack' of forwards wasn't the issue today. The more worrying thing is it's other areas.

Although when a manger says 'we lack physicality up top' whist telling Uche to stay at home. I'm sorry he's a bitter option than Crooks.

Expat Smoggie

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Today we could have made do with the services of Uche. Who knows what might have happened with an aerial and physical threat that Uche brings to the table? CW is such a stubborn character — granted it’s sometimes what makes a great manager but sometimes if you’re not willing to compromise it can be the undoing of you also.


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said he didn’t know what had happened with Hoppe
Yeah, I don't believe that for a second. Probably his way of saying "I'll talk about today's game, but not transfers" which is fair enough, but he oughtn't keep playing this "Transfers? What transfers?" card.