Ryobi drive/patio cleaners.


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Anyone got or used one. The ones with the rotating wire brush.
They look great on the advert.
I have quite a large block paved drive and its pain to keep grass and algae out of so thinking of getting one. Or is it gimmicky rubbish?
Just bought one.
Seems to work ok, though only used it once so far.
Certainly takes the pain out of cleaning block paving (the front of the house is all block paved,plus down the sides, so it's a massive job).
One tip. You may find them cheaper on eBay than the Ryobi site, but some come without battery pack (which cost a fortune if bought separately).
I’m in the same boat but I have lots of Ryobi tools so battery isn’t an issue. Was considering this as have block paving front drive and some at the back, so I might invest if you’re saying it’s decent