Ryan Giles


He's still the same player that was excellent for us last season. Far better than Engel. Haven't seen enough of Bangura to make a call but his fitness is an obvious worry.
If there's a chance to sign him then we should go for it.
Maybe people underestimate the importance of having Chuba linking up the play. Chubas play with his back to the goal and his flick ons from balls from defence was outstanding - thats without his goals. I dare say Engel would look twice the player he does now if he could link up with a player in the form that Chuba was in, last season.
The truth about Giles is that he is not a very good defender. He has the best left foot in the Division but once the ball goes behind him, he is always in trouble.

Its no good having these players who are lightening on the attack if the strikers are not there to utilise them. Latte Lath is getting better every game (he is a replacement for Archer, I think) but he is a striker with pace and is looking for balls behind defenders - he isnt playing like Chuba did, at the moment.
Not for me, as much as I loved him, the time has passed.

He's defensively poor, and I don't think he's worth enough to us going forwards to try and sell on other players we spent a sizeable chunk on to begin with.
Probably not.

I don't know how much we'll be able to spend. However, I think we have other priorities, and spending that much on a LB who is defensively frail does not sound a good use of the limited funds we'll have.

Besides, we all know Giles was good going forward: 11 assists in 3837 championship minutes. Engel has 4 assists and 2 goals in 2383 minutes: it's not much worse in terms of goal involvements/minute, and I'd have to argue goals are more valuable than assists. Plus Giles had the advantages of Akpom and Archer on the end of his crosses. ELL is coming good, but assist stats can be buffed up by having better finishers on the other end.

I do think Giles is still better going forward, but the difference is not worth spending £4m on. For his limitations, Engel is a better defender.
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Left winger maybe but we all seen how poor he was defensively when he was with us. Engel certainly isnt the answer either but i think as an over all hes a better option than Giles is. Hopefully Bangura is the pacey LB we've been craving who can actually defend but hasnt had the chance to prove himself just yet
Doesn’t matter, Chubas movement off the ball created so much space for Giles to pick out others.
I don't understand why you wouldn't want to sign a player because another player has left. Every player in the team benefitted from Chuba last season including Archer, Ramsey, Hackney etc.

He's either good enough or not. In my opinion he is. Fine if you don't think he is but the reasoning seems silly.
His poor defensive play, going in for a tackle he was never gonna win, led directly to the equaliser.

He would be an expensive signing I'd imagine, who's best qualities are only realised in a very specific team shape and tactics.
Although LB is an area we need improvement, hopefully this comes from existing players increasing their capabilities.