Rugby League World Cup, NZ and Australia Withdraw


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It's probably going to be rearranged now.

Take out those two and it makes an already small tournament in a small sport (globally) pointless.

Very disappointing.

Abel Tasman

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All over our news. There was a warning this would happen two weeks ago and so no surprise. The ARLC and NZRL have formally asked it be postponed a year to allow UK to get its house in order. So far we think they will just press ahead and hold it.


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It would be stupid to just press ahead and hold it.

It would be like holding a grand prix when Mercedes and Red Bull aren't attending. When there are so few top level rugby league teams in the world, carrying on without two of them doesn't make sense.


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This is disappointing.

One of the social events I was looking forward to having Tonga - Cook Islands at the Riverside.


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It's not possible to hold a so called World Cup without the two best teams involved!


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Something didn’t sound right with this announcement as far as I am aware both Australia and New Zealand are both sending Rugby union teams to the UK for Autumn internationals but the Rugby League Teams are not.
Club rugby dictating what there players can and cannot do?
Btw if I lived in either country I would boycott the tournament also.