Requiem for a Dream

I Stand Alone by Gaspar Noe?? ... I am sure it was his first film, a continuation of a smaller version he had made of it called Carne

I think Film 4 showed it a long long time ago, Mark Kermode introduced it I remember

Just follows a nihilistic, hell-bent on self-destruction Butcher after his release from prison and it is so beyond dark and miserable, I, of course, avoid recommending it to anyone I know who has an interest in lesser-known indie movies or whatever, though Noe has become well-known these days for his stunning work on flicks such as Climax, Love - the latter being excellent I thought

I Stand Alone is so sick and brutal but I cannot feel I have something in common with 'The Butcher' played by Philipe Nahone (apart from the disgusting abusive side of him) - and that is pretty tragic I guess

But anyone on here who has seen it will know what I am on about. It's bloody nasty but works.