Pubs for Huddersfield


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Where are people going for a pre-match tipple, doesn’t look like there are any pubs near the ground so assume it would need to be the town centre??
Never been to Huddersfield before so not sure of away friendly pubs.


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A few more for you, from the Fulham Footy pages:
The Yorkshire Rose HD1 6NW Small pub and get busy early.
The Turnbridge Workies HD1 6SB Welcomes away fans but can get busy
The Magic Rock Tap Bar HD1 5EB about a mile from the ground
Head of Steam or Kings Head, both in or around the Station
The Boy and Barrel HD1 1QF 5 mins from the Station.

I'm going but being wined and dined.


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The Grove is probably the pick of the bunch for good beer.

I've not been pre-match before but went for a couple after the game when we played them a few years ago and it was quiet.