Play offs a real possibility

Jedi boro

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3 wins shoots you right up that table well we’ve had 2 already. And look we are currently 4 pts off top 6.

So yes we are def in contention.


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But I love the optimism.
Still could go the other way for me.
But very impressed with our new manager.
I kept quiet when he was appointed.
Some opinions are best kept to yourself.
And my opinion was completely wrong.
He has been fantastic so far.
Him and Hackney are the biggest changes for me.
But what about Chuba Akpom?
He is like a different player.
Enjoying the football again.


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We are lower mid table with a massive turnaround from where we started. There will be ups and downs.. but defo enjoying the up right now.

Mid Table would be a superb achievement from where we were.. 10th-12th

If Carrick and the players manage the impossible then a
l the better.. but keeping my trap shut in the mean time.

Relegation was a real possibility and if we avoid that.. then I’m good.

January is going to be VERY INTERESTING!!

Hearing stuff like Zach Steffen on a permanent transfer is very encouragin.

EEK! EEK! (Shhhh calm)


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If we continue to average 2 points per game (as under MC) we will end up with 77 points. That may just get us in the Playoffs
Will take some doing to maintain that level of form.

4 points off playoffs seems doable with 25 games left but there are also 8 teams between us and a spot who all have to fair worse than us

Tough ask but certainly doable if we take it one game at a time