Petrol prices


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Its still £1.129 for Shell UL when I bought on Monday night.
West London was £1.259
Gloucester was £1.179
All Shell UL on Monday

I remember when it went metric in 1988 and it was around £0.47 for UL (new then) in London. I would say it has risen in line with inflation since then.

In 1971 it was around £1000 for new mini and petrol was about 33p per gallon or 7.33p per litre.

Inflation has risen around 13 times since 1971 - so a new mini should be £13k and petrol 95p per litre - both are higher. However you might argue even the most basic mini nowadays is much better than a 1971 mini.


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It was 6s 4d in the 60s. Three gallons to a pound.

1s 8d a pint, 32s for an LP, 2s for cod and chips (2s 3d for hake).
This has always intrigued me, but am I the only person who doesn't have a clue how much a gallon / liter of petrol is ?

My mother-in-law seems to know the price of all stations across Teesside, and I used to work with a bloke who would drive across Leeds to get cheaper petrol. I ,on the other hand, would struggle to tell you to the nearest 30p how much it costs....

Just me ?