Pears will be a mistake.


He will have a better career than Bettinelli and Stojanovic I.M.O.
Which counts for fxxk all I know but thats my opinion anyone else care to offer theirs ?
I totally agree - he looked such a composed keeper last season for one so young. He had a lot to learn but was working very hard at all aspects of his game. He had a hard act to follow in Darren Randolph and for the most part filled his gloves really well. I recall several exceptional performance, remember our win away at WBA, Pears made some superb saves there.
I wish him lots of good luck I think he could become a very good keeper indeed.


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Don't think I saw enough of him to properly judge as I'm sure he will get better with experience.

However, I've heard a few people mention he reminded then of Jason Steele when he broke through. I thought similar and can see the comparison on what I've witnessed so far. So I'll stick my neck out and say he'll have a similar career trajectory to Steele. I'm gutted he's not made it here though as I used to love his old man, a top pro.


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He was offered a new deal here in January, he rejected it.

Not fussed.

I do think it's strange he preferred to be back up at Blackburn though.
Yeah, for a ‘massive’ boro fan. Surely you would rather be back up for the club you support than back up for someone else? Doesn’t make a lot of sense but I guess money will play it’s part but can’t see him being on to much more than we were proposing
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Definitely the worst of the 3 for me, not that that is saying much, I think Stojanovic was marginally better and the Jury is still out on Bettinelli I guess, he has not been what I was expecting so far mind


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He was more than good enough as No2. Also an age were he could progress and get better. Also would have saved us 1mil as they guy brought in to replace him isn't any better.

A nominal fee and probably no sell on clauses. We've gained nothing from his development.