Payero work permit


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Doesn't look like the club are going to officially announce the signing till he's done his isolation. Would hope no news is good news.

Jedi boro

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Without the work permit he couldn’t enter the country (or only as a tourist) so I think that’s been resolved.

yes I think the club are waiting for the big reveal with him present and who can blame them this is a massive coup for us.

to get a player like this in the championship is quite remarkable.


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agreed, I don't think you are allowed in the country as a tourist while awaiting a work permit application either, so you have to assume it has been completed and approved.


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In today's marketing environment you can't announce a signing without a photo with buying clubs kit on and officially he is in self-isolation. He can't train with anyone I suspect he's got a special training room this week.


we have all been taken for ride including the Gazette and he is back in Argentina!