The Forum is richer because of Nobby, there is a lot of serious threads on here, and twice recently I have allowed myself to become embroiled in argumentative nonsense, Nobby is so tongue in cheek that he is like a fine wine it takes a little bit of experience to appreciate him, I certainly didn't get him at first and probably fully don't now.
I guess we'll have to disagree on this one. You can be light hearted and interesting without trolling. He chooses to troll
I took him too seriously at first until I realised he's on a wind up. I do get the feeling lots of people on here know who he is in real life and are already in on the joke.
I just can't be doing with that blend of only getting humour out of annoying people.
Nail on the head here. I guess it's just me but I can't stand that kind of stuff on the threads that are serious.
Imagine the type of personality it takes to WANT to upset people. Nah, I don't do that troll stuff
So why do you upset people?

The majority of people on this board know I am a very caring person and that I like to look out for others and at times I wonder what's gone wrong in your life for you to behave like you do and act so negatively towards others.

In the words of Robin Williams in 'Good Morning Vietnam', You are in more dire need of a BJ than any white man in history.
The irony of this being a football message board and you having absolutely no clue about what gets posted on “the footy threads” 😕😕
Not really irony is it? This is a broad church with many different topics discussed. Not sure if you know what irony means
Talk about Pot and Kettle.
Explain? It's odd how you think I'm a troll. When Nob just literally sets out to derail threads and insult and upset people. You only get upset at my threads because you disagree with what I say. Stating an opinion isn't trolling. Deliberately saying things you don't even believe to wind people up is. Y'all need to learn the difference.