No striker on the bench


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Concerns me weve left our selves short loaning hoppe, coburn, kavanagh and sold watmore. Crooks isnt really a specialist striker is he. Only takes a couple of injuries and we might be less potent up top. Especially if we lost chuba and forss through injury.


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Crooks is a goalscorer even if he is has not played as a striker most of his career. Definitely an option.

Could put Jones on and forss up top. When Ramsey is fit, he could play the 10 role and akpom go up top.

As well as Muniz to come back from injury.

Think there are good options.
They are good options.

And they're better options than Kavanagh or Hoppe.

Watmore and Crooks probably a similar goal threat and neither is a specialist striker anyway.

So it's just Coburn really. Who would strengthen the squad a bit, but is far more beneficial to him and us, getting regular first team footy under his belt.

We play with one striker and a 10.

Forss, Archer and Muniz are three players for the striker role with Akpom and Crooks capable too.

Akpom, McGree, Ramsey are three for the 10 role. With Crooks capable of playing there too.

If we end up needing more beyond that then we'll had such an injury crisis I doubt Watmore, Hoppe etc would have been saving our season anyway.


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He wasn't on the bench but he is our backup. We can't have 600 players per position and going forward we will have options for cover and people who can do it in a pinch meanwhile other players are elsewhere getting developed


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Archer is injured, Forss moved up front and Jones comes in on the right.

Forss is injured then Jones comes in on the right.

Akpom is injured then we… are f*cked. Just kidding, Crooks most likely fills his spot, maybe Ramsey.

And then there’s Muniz.


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Muniz apparently has a knee injury. Not sure how bad but looks able to step in for Archer who TBH looks very a similar player. Certainly no better so far but it's early days


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I thought it was a bit odd after moving on Watmore and Hoppe. I mean they have effectively been replaced by young Ramsey who's not even a forward. Oh and currently injured.

I guess the current front 3 is pretty 'fluid' and you could stick any of them as an actual No9. Then add players either side of them. I'm not sure we are now actually classing Crooks as a CF.

I'm pretty sure we would have moved on Muniz if we could. Apparently Fulham were trying to find him a club. So basically our main 'back up' CF is someone Carrick doesn't fancy (based on game time). Also god knows what we are paying him to be a bit part sub.