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This is nice. First new music from Kathleen Edwards(Options Open) in 8 years. She stopped writing and opened a coffee shop called Quitters. She has an new album called Total Freedom due soon. Good to see her back I have a couple of here albums and always like her music.



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"Theresa McKee", a track from a new album from Sergeant Buzfuz called "Fox Pop" arriving in July. Video made using clips from the 1969 Russian film "The Bremen Town Musicians". Which is in the public domain. It's an animated version of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.
Sergeant Buzfuz

New album from The 1975 "Notes on a Conditional Form" is released, but where to start?
It's preachy, introverted, convoluted, jumps around styles that sometimes seem so at odds with each other that on one occasion I had to check that Spotify hadn't changed to another artist. It's too long and crowded for me, there's what seems like interludes for Gods sake. There are some decent tracks in amongst the soundscape that will appeal to their base, but I'm not sure what they'll make of some of the more outre tracks. The 1975 do (as has often been said) seem to make music that reflects the age we are in - almost like a twitterstorm of opinions and ideas, but cohesive it is not.

I'll definitely pick out a few for a playlist, but if I wanted to be preached to interspersed with hymns, I'd go to church.
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