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Last for now. Not new but worth a watch. A couple from Nightwishes set last week at Pink Pop. The full concert is on Youtube. With all the discussions on the various threads about age and musical tastes. To me these and Within Temptation seem to transcend the Generations.
Floor you are a goddess.


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For Goalscrounger as I know he likes this band as do I.

The Front Bottoms - More Than It Hurts You

Folk punk duo The Front Bottoms are back with a third EP as part of their "Grandma series," this one titled Theresa (out September 2 via Fueled By Ramen). Theresa follows in the footsteps of 2014's Rose and 2018's Ann EPs, named after band members Mat Uychich and Brian Sella's grandmothers and dedicated to the release of early, fan-favorite TFB tracks. With the announcement of the EP comes lead single "More Than It Hurts You," featuring strummy power chords, rolling drums, and lyrics as poignant as ever.
Theresa EP Track List
1. More Than it Hurts You
2. The Bongo Song
3. Hello World
4. The Supply of Power
5. The Winds

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